Black tech is here!Nanospatial disinfection spray gun unveiled worldwide

June 22, 2021
Latest company news about Black tech is here!Nanospatial disinfection spray gun unveiled worldwide

At present, the global prevention and control of COVID-19 has entered a critical stage. The citizens of all countries not only pay close attention to the latest epidemic prevention information released by major media every day, but also strengthen protective measures such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently and gathering less. Many citizens are also actively looking for excellent "protective equipment" in the market.

Recently, a black technology sterilization product named "nano disinfection spray gun" was officially unveiled.


This product is developed and produced by our company. It has nano atomization, handheld and portable, ultra-long range, ultra-long standby and other characteristics.Adopts dual core processor, using independent booster charging technology, strong performance, durable and stable;High pressure air pump and siphon atomizer nozzle with more than 5000 RPM can be customized to achieve nanometer atomization output. The spray distance can be up to 2.5 meters, which can be directly sprayed on the surface of human body, fabric, household appliances and other objects without feeling wet.Uniform cover without dead Angle, easy to clean thoroughly.


This black technology product is also equipped with Weibuck hypochlorous acid disinfectant, which can quickly destroy the shell of harmful microorganisms, causing pathogenic microorganisms to die, and unable to infect germs.Disinfectant after internal penetration, small buck molecules, without charge, can penetrate into bacteria (virus) and bacteria (virus) protein, nucleic acid and enzyme oxidizing reaction or undermine its phosphate dehydrogenase, make its sugar metabolism disorders and induced cell death, to kill pathogenic microorganisms, and microorganism and organic function, can instantly restore for water,No harm to human body and the environment.


Nanospatial Disinfection Spray Gun is an advanced family sterilization protection assembly at present. It can effectively eliminate and kill the home environment, car space, and personal items, and improve the personal and family protection ability and experience.


This disinfectant spray gun is welcomed by customers from all over the world. We provide CE,FCC,KC and other certifications suitable for South Korea, Southeast Asia, European and American markets to ensure that the product quality meets the market requirements of all countries.